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Personal Project

From the plate to the Web

A personal project of a website for a vegan restaurant with a minimalist and modern character to whet the appetite.

Jan Vegan is a fictional vegan restaurant and the protagonist of this project. It not only seeks to offer quality products and satisfy all its customers, but also to connect with its environment and promote a new attitude and lifestyle, offering recipes of delicious dishes, tips and news updated daily on its blog and social media.


Jan Vegan aims to be known as a modern, energetic and captivating establishment for nature and food lovers.

Its logo design is inspired by the greatest source of geometry and symmetry: nature. The font is a modified version of Jaapokki, known for its neat geometry and strong lines.

Jan Vegan carries the environment in the heart, on the plates and in the letters "A" and "V". These have been altered to represent trees with clean, simplified icons, contributing harmoniously to the final design.


A responsive friendly web that can be eaten with the eyes, full of delightfully selected images elegantly distributed throughout the platform, in which vegan gastronomy is the protagonist.

The website follows the brand's style. A clean, organic, modern and minimalist image with smooth animations that provide fluidity.


Personal Project

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